Tierney - EWB Humanitarian Design Summit - Nepal

Bachelor of Engineering/ Business Management
February 2018

My experience

EWB's Nepal Humanitarian Design Summit was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Having the opportunity to homestay in a rural village and create connections with our host families was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has changed my values and perception of family, poverty and the challenges faced by developing nations. The best thing about the trip was making thirty new friends and being able to keep those friendships upon returning home. I had the chance to go trekking and paragliding after the trip too, which was an awesome way to discover the wonders of Nepal beyond EWB. 


My favourite memory would have to be celebrating our trip with all of our community and EWB team by having dinner and dancing together, as Nepali songs and English songs played and we taught each other our culture's dance moves. I have learned so much that I've now been able to apply not only to engineering work, but also my entrepreneurship studies. The trip has helped me shape where I want to take my career.