Andrew - University of Vienna Winter School

Bachelor of Science/Arts
February 2017

Personal experience

 This experience has been absolutely amazing, travelling has never been a financially feasible option; however, with the short-term program, it's nearly the same as studying at home. I had a fantastic time and learnt a lot about Europe and was able to meet a lot of multinational friends. I learnt that the worlds a lot smaller place than I thought and how to better myself on an international level with regards to social interactions.






My favourite memory was the last day. We had just finished two exams, one where we wrote two essays about the history of the Hapsburgs and a short exam about psychoanalysis. Afterwards, myself and a few others whom I met from the exchange went down to the Danube and sat and watched the sunset with the majestic light dancing beautifully on the water. It was so beautiful and when we went to the final dinner later it was so good to get to know the teachers on a deeper level than just study.

Top Tips

My advice for future participants is don't worry if you don't know anyone and get to know people at the start. Everyone there is in the same boat and no-one really knows anyone else so just says hello. Overall I had a fantastic time and loved my trip overseas, completing the exchange allowed me to see a whole new part of the world and a new culture that I'd never seen before.