Xinru - CIS Australia January in Tokyo

Bachelor of Business Management
January 2018

Academic experience

I took Japanese popular culture and anime course there. It was exciting for me to have a field trip to better experience Japanese culture, which could be something that we cannot experience in Australia. While finishing the cultural-related presentation in around 2-day was a challenge for me, but thanks to the field trip, I found out more for my presentation skills.

Personal experience

I would say friendship was the best thing I gained from this experience. We stayed in the same accommodation, went to uni together and had each meal together, which really provided us with a good chance to get close to each other.


We lived off campus and stayed at the accommodation that was arranged by the program providers. It was good since every short-term student stayed in the same place so we could help each other with anything needed.


I would recommend $2000 budget for a 2-week stay.

Professional development and employability

I learned how to live in a different culture and cope with people from different countries.


Japanese cuisine was fabulous.

Top tips

Consider what you want from the experience, professional knowledge or cultural experience.