Megan - University of Gothenburg

M Commerce
Semester 2, 2017

Academic Experience

I studied four courses whilst in Gothenburg, all belonging to the department of business law and economics or called handelshogskolan. These courses included financial markets and institutions, corporate finance, business ethics and sustainability and international economics. I enjoyed that the semester was split into four terms and that each course was taught separately, with examination at the end of each term. This enabled me to focus on each subject individually and was more time manageable when it came to exams. A challenge was getting used to expectations around assignments and exams that were different from Australia.

Personal Experience

I would definitely recommend exchange to anyone who is looking to make lifelong friends from all around the world and get a sense of what it’s like to live abroad. I was able to explore many countries including Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, Germany and of course Sweden. I gave the language a go but the Swedes have such amazing English I didn’t really need to worry. I learnt to step outside my comfort zone and immerse myself in the culture, which was definitely an easy thing to do with the amazing program that the university of Gothenburg provided including events and activities throughout the semester - an easy way to make new friends!


At the university of Gothenburg all the accommodation is off campus but they have student residence accommodation scattered around the city. I lived in a student residence accommodation which was a great way to be near friends and meet new people on the same courses as me. It was also a great way to meet up and socialise together. I shared a kitchen with 8 people but had my own room and bathroom. I would definitely recommend doing this, and I stayed in Olofshjod which was one of the largest and most sociable of the different accommodation choices.


I found that prices in Sweden was quite similar to Australia, possibly being a bit more expensive to eat out and buy alcohol. I was recommended to budget about 8000 sek a month for food and accommodation which seemed to work well for me. Additional travel was then out of additional funds.

Professional Development & Employability 

I have built on my confidence, and ability to deal with change. I have learnt to immerse myself into a new culture and have built on my interpersonal skills through networking and socialising at the university of Gothenburg.


The highlight of my exchange was a trip organised by the uni up to the Swedish Lapland. The temperature hit -27 degrees and we were able to go dog sledding, snow mobiling, cross country skiing and see the northern lights. This was an experience I will always remember and the fact that I got to enjoy it with many new friends.

Top Tips 

Make sure to think of what you want out of your exchange and choose the location accordingly. For me Sweden was a place I had always wanted to go and getting to experience what day to day life was like there was something I will always cherish. Make sure to get out of your comfort zone in the first few weeks and get involved in all events and activities to meet as many people as you can. Save up as much money as you can before you go so you can go travelling and explore the area you are living in without having to worry.