Annabelle - University of Gothenburg

B Science
Semester 2, 2015

Academic experience

I studied at the Univeristy of Gothenburg. I found the application process for the university and the welcome programme were very well organised and everything ran without a hitch. Some things that are different about the university compared to UQ are: there are many campuses, approximately one for each faculty that are spaced around the city (although you can walk between most of them), you study between two and four subjects depending on how much they are worth, and the subjects are studying one at a time rather than four at once like at UQ. I studied three courses, The Central European Experience, Modern Scandinavian Economic History (as two electives) and Genetics. This meant I got to explore both the economics and science campuses which I enjoyed doing.

Personal experience

My uni timetable varied from week to week and the lecturers were also fairly lenient with exchange students, and as long as the work was completed it was okay to miss a lecture or two. This gave me time to study Swedish and fit a lot of travel into my semester. I visited Denmark, Norway, Iceland and a Christmas trip to Lappland to name a few.
I also joined the Student Union at the Business School (Handelshogskolan) which I would strongly recommend doing. Through that, I was able to join a dancing group and perform with a great group of Swedish Girls. There are groups that cater to all interests and I found it to be a really good way to get to know some of the locals.


I had great accommodation, staying at Olofshöjd, which I can highly recommend. Of all the student housing offered by the university, Olof is the closest to the city and the shared kitchen system is a great way to connect with other students. The majority of exchange students lived at Olof, so I was able to meet people from all over the world. That being said, all the accommodation options are of a high standard and have their benefits.


With regards to Sweden itself, I think it is an excellent country to go to for exchange. Some highlights of Sweden include 'Fika' - essentially a coffee break that can be had at any time of the day and the endless lakes and nature that it boasts. I personally didn't find Sweden to be any more expensive than Australia, and there are so many student discounts that it is really quite manageable financially.

Professional development and employability

This exchange experience has enabled me to become more independent and better problem-solving. There were many situations both with my studies and day to day living where there was either a language or cultural barrier which I had to learn to overcome.


Whilst Gothenburg may not be the most well-known city in the world it was a perfect combination of small-town charm and big city living. It has endless cultural and sporting events to attend and is mostly walkable, though also has excellent public transport. Some highlights in Gothenburg were Liseberg Theme Park and Fika in the Haga district as well as the beautiful scenery of the Amsterdam inspired canals.

Top Tips

Tips: Join the student clubs at the university, look for 'after work' for cheap meal options, sign up for the free Swedish course offered by the university

Annabelle - University of Gothenburg