Samantha - Delft University of Technology

Master of Architecture
Semester 1, 2023
The biggest highlight was the amazing friends I made on exchange. I’ve learnt so much about the cultures of my friends and exploring Netherlands became so much more fun. 


The biggest motivation for my exchange experience was my personal interest for Dutch culture and architecture. I also have intentions to work in Europe, so this was a great opportunity to get an idea of what life is like working in the Netherlands.


Personal Development

Overall, I have learnt so much and gained so many skills from my experience both internally and externally. It was a very reflective and introspective time having faced many challenges throughout my experience. Regardless, I feel that I am more confident and open minded thanks to these challenges. Additionally, I have made many amazing friends as well.


Academic Development

TU Delft is split into semesters, then further divided into two blocks per semester. I did three subjects, two electives in the first block and one design course in the second block. This totals to 25 credit points (ECTS). The minimum full-time load is 24 points.

While I would have preferred to have learnt about the topics more in depth, for exchange, this arrangement was ideal. I had more time to travel around Europe and explore Delft.


Professional Development

I now have a very clear idea of the work life in the Netherlands after interacting with many local students who also have practice experience. 
Additionally, talking to students from other parts of Europe have opened up more options for me forother potential countries to work in. 

TU Delft has a reputable Alumni in the architecture faculty so it’s a great opportunity to network with staff and professionals. The university also holds many networking events so be sure to join them if possible.



Europe is very expensive. Overall I spent at least $20,000 including plane tickets, accommodation and travel to other European countries. This also includes souvenirs, clothing and other leisure items. Furthermore I have also received help with youth allowance and OS help loan, so my overall spending could have been more. It is possible to still have an enjoyable experience on a budget of $12,000-$15,000 by reducing spending on leisure items, travelling with more people and staying in hostels. To be safe, it is still good to ensure there is leeway of up to $20000 in case of emergencies. Keep in mind that the Netherlands is currently in a housing crisis and overall cost could increase.



The OS help loan went towards my accommodation and covering plane tickets to and from Europe.



Netherlands is currently experiencing a housing crisis therefore I highly recommend the €250 housing service offered by the University. At first I thought it was quite expensive however, after experiencing how challenging it is to find housing, I decided that it was worth it. The housing service is guaranteed housing near University campus. 
It is still possible to find housing on your own, however, keep in mind that it takes much longer, more expensive, and a higher risk of encountering scams. Most people who find housing on their own already have connections or friends within the country. For a short term of  six months, I highly recommend housing service to reduce the stress of finding accommodation.



As many have mentioned earlier, the biggest highlight was the amazing friends I made on exchange. I’ve learnt so much about the cultures of my friends and exploring Netherlands became so much more fun. As an architecture student, the other highlight was being able to see all the beautiful historical buildings that I learnt about in my bachelors, in person. Thanks to this exchane experience I have a newfound passion for all things related to art, fashion, and design.


Advice/Top Tips

Biggest advice is to go with an open mind. Be enthusiastic for the new challenges you’ll encounter and keep in mind how much you’ll grow from this experience. Exchange has many fun and beautiful moments but also many hard challenges. But that’s what makes this experience extremely worth it.