Scott - Copenhagen Business School Summer University

Grad Dip Business Admin
Winter 2023
I made some lifelong friends in Denmark, from all over the globe.


It was always my intention to complete at least one of my subjects as part of an overseas exchange and the Innovation subject seemed like the perfect subject to do as part of this experience. Being surrounded by different groups of people from other countries and cultures makes any experience richer, and provides you with the opportunity to see things from completely different perspectives.

Personal Development

I made some lifelong friends in Denmark, from all over the globe. I learned that Denmark has the best phrase for 'thank you very much' - tusentak. Although I am fairly well travelled, this is only my third opportunity to live in another country, and experience life similarly to that of the locals. Doing that as part of a study experience makes it a lot more fulfilling.

Academic Development

Studying at CBS was a breeze - although their systems were a little clunky! The workload wasn't too cumbersome - we were able to achieve the highest possible marks, while also having an awesome time exploring Copenhagen, Stockholm and London. The lecturer was fantastic, the facilities were easy to access, and the CBS Social team made meeting people very easy. The dorm was clean, and it was the best experience living in the dorm.

Professional Development

Learning how Social Entrepreneurship and BM Innovation can be interwoven into any type of organisation was a bit of an eye opener - I was able to reference some of my learnings from Denmark into a business case back home to continue funding a charitable cause aligned with my company's core values. I don't think there were any particular challenges while I was in Denmark.


I didn't really budget much - I spent like crazy. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Flights were about $4,500. Accommodation (for CBS) was $1,500. I spent about $5,000 on food and drink for the month, but I also did a couple of trips to Stockholm and London which made the whole trip come to about $15,000. In terms of budgeting - there are ways you can do it. Having simple breakfasts of pastry and coffee, or even making breakfast at home, can save you a lot. Buy small salads from 7-11 to save money - these are actually really healthy and tasty in Denmark. My main advice though, is to spend $400 on dinner if it really tickles your only live once


I received $1,000 from UQ for the trip. This contributed primarily to meals in the first week of the experience, as well as my first few metro card refills!


I first heard about Nimbusparken from Margot who was one of the four students who had completed their studies abroad the prior year. We were provided a list of dorm accommodation by the university, and my friends and I all listed the same preferences. The dorm was small, but comfortable and clean. We had a large communal kitchen and living area, and our own private bathrooms. It was close to the campus and the metro station. Some students in the same dorm had small issues with their own rooms, however, I had none. My advice to future students would be to stay in dorms. It's the best way to meet people and integrate with your fellow students.


Being in Copenhagen with some close friends was great, but we made many more friends while we were away. There was an easy balance between the amount of effort required for the course, and the amount of time we had to explore Copenhagen and surrounding countries/cities. The food in Copenhagen was incredible. On days where we had class, these were always well run, and informative, but always left us with time to hang out with friends afterwards and go out for nice food. It was an incredible experience, and one I wish I could do again.

Advice/Top Tips

Just do it! Don't hesitate if you have a chance to take this type of opportunity. Don't be precious about how you live here in Australia - you can slum it in a dorm for three weeks. I guarantee you'll have a great time.