Huangjingjie - University of Zurich

B Business Management
Winter 2023
It also exposed me to cutting-edge research and real-world applications of blockchain technology.


The primary motivation for participating in this experience in blockchain was to gain deeper insights into the rapidly evolving blockchain technology landscape. It offered an opportunity to engage with a diverse set of peers and experts, broaden my perspective, and enhance my technical skillset. Furthermore, travel to Switzerland is always my dream, this experience not only help me deep dive into blockchain, but also let me enjoy and feel the life there.

Personal Development

Before the exchange, I was very lacking in confidence and introverted. As English is my second language, I sometimes even communicated less with others out of fear of making mistakes. After the exchange, I met students from all over the world and made friends globally. They are friendly and outstanding, and they helped me a lot in both academic and life aspects. I have become much more outgoing than before and no longer communicate less due to fear of making mistakes. I have gained much more confidence.

Academic Development

The blockchain summer exchange experience had a significant academic impact on me. It introduced me to new paradigms in digital security and decentralization that I had only touched on in my previous studies. It also exposed me to cutting-edge research and real-world applications of blockchain technology, which deepened my understanding and appreciation of this field. What I enjoyed most about the different academic system and environment was the emphasis on practical learning and hands-on experience.  I found the interactive discussions and project-based assignments particularly stimulating and beneficial. One was adjusting to the different teaching and learning styles. Initially, I found it somewhat overwhelming due to its unfamiliarity. However, I overcame this by actively seeking feedback, clarifying doubts, and regularly interacting with both peers and instructors. For the workload, it was intensive due to the condensed nature of the program. It was more demanding compared to my usual academic schedule.

Professional Development

I learned to work effectively in diverse teams. As the exchange program brought together participants from different cultures and backgrounds, I developed strong cross-cultural communication skills and learned how to harness the power of diverse perspectives to solve problems. I gained a solid understanding of blockchain technology, its potentials, and its implications. Even without coding knowledge, this understanding is valuable as blockchain becomes more and more prevalent in various industries. One of the main challenges I faced was the technical nature of the subject, given my lack of a programming background. To overcome this, I spent extra time studying the fundamentals of blockchain technology, I also used online resources to supplement my learning.


The University of Zurich paid for the accommodation and transport, it cost 0 in these parts. For food, it costs about 30-40CHF everyday. Every weekend, I had lunch in local restaurants, which is expensive, cost about 50CHF per person. For daily necessities, it cost about 200CHF within 3 weeks. In total, it cost about 1200CHF.


The funds have been a great help to me, because the cost of living in Switzerland is very high, and food and daily necessities are very expensive. I mainly used the funding on food and to pay for daily necessities.


The university of Zurich provided this accommodation for me. It's a very good place to live, a very large bed and room with private bathroom and toilet. For cons, there is no air conditions or fans there, sometimes it was very hot. Future students can bring a little fan to Switzerland.


One major highlight of the blockchain summer exchange experience could be the opportunity to work on a group project where the task was to design a feasible blockchain-based solution. This project not only allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge I gained but also to develop practical skills, like writing codes of the project, doing some market analysis, legal analysis and economic analysis. It was incredibly rewarding after we finished the final project.

Advice/Top Tips

Firstly, in terms of studying, it is important to have confidence. Since the classmates are outstanding students from all over the world, many of whom have worked for many years, it is crucial not to be timid when talking with them. Being confident and humble to learn from others is very important. Secondly, in terms of daily life, Switzerland doesn't have air conditions or fans. If they coming for an exchange in the summer, it is better to bring a small fan.