Prakash - University College London

B Computer Science
Semester 1, 2023
As an exchange student it was great to make local friends, they were so helpful in helping me to accommodate, showing me around the city, sharing important tips to survive in both uni and the city.


The main reason for me to participate in a global experience was to gain knowledge and exposure around the world.UK was on my bucket list to visit and explore both academically and historically. UCL caught my eye straight away when I was browsing the IGET webpage and decided to pursue the experience.

Personal Development

When I first arrived in London there were very few people I knew; both UCL and London were very receptive. I never thought I would meet and befriend such amazing people both in UCL and in London. My friends played a major role in my exchange, and made me discover a lot about myself. I learnt to balance between both academics and personal life in this experience. I was exposed to a whole new culture which made me think about the current lifestyle that I have and the things that I could follow to optimise it. I had a lot of fun with my people who were also on an exchange at UCL from various countries around the world; we visited and wandered around the streets of London, touring around different parts of the UK during breaks; and playing games, having conversations. I even learnt a thing or two in Spanish, Italian and Chinese. As an exchange student it was great to make local friends, they were so helpful in helping me to accommodate, showing me around the city, sharing important tips to survive in both uni and the city. This exchange was opposite to what I had in my mind, but I did not regret a second of, it gave me a lot of beautiful memories and friendship with people which I would treasure for a long time.

Academic Development

My initial scenario was a little tricky, I had to miss the first three and half weeks of my classes at UCL due to an emergency. The staff, module leaders and administration at both UCL and UQ were so understanding and helpful. The academics at UCL was slightly different than what I had practised at UQ, Before starting the term, the academic part was more exciting to me with a pinch of nervousness, but as the classes began they were so involving and cheerful. I was enrolled in 4 modules (COMP0142, MSIN0048, BASC0017, BASC0010) each disjoint to each other in terms of the module content and picks from different departments, it uncovered a diverse range of learning. The semester to term transition was a new experience and was easy to transform; and finally, the workload at both UQ and UCL were quite similar to each other and manageable. I had a wonderful time participating in clubs and society events, met a few wonderful people and had a few illuminating conversations with top minds in the field of AI and ML.

Professional Development

It was a great adventure for me to pursue a part of my degree at a top 10 ranked university. I was able to connect with people who were pioneering in the field of computer science. One of the perks of being a student at UCL was being able to access its alumni network. The soft skill workshop, mock tech internships and hackathons are a boost to your CV.


London is slightly on the expensive side as compared to the rest of the UK, but with proper budgeting the financing can be easily taken controlled. It is better to pick an university accommodation, as it's closer to uni and you can save a lot of money in transportation. If you are a person who likes to cook then choosing a self-catered accommodation is a good option, but most international students prefer catered accommodation over self-catered as there is a minimal difference in charges. If you are planning to travel around Europe, it is better to plan your travel and accommodation a few months before your travel as the prices can skyrocket in the last moment, travelling inside London has multiple options including buses and tubes (underground) which are quite affordable.


The funding I received from UQ was incredibly beneficial to my overall experience, particularly in regards to my travel to London. With the financial support provided, I was able to cover a significant portion of the travel expenses, including flights and transportation. This funding allowed me to embark on the exchange program with reduced financial burden, which in turn enhanced my overall experience.


UCL has a diverse range of accommodation which can be found in their website. I chose to live in a flat of 6 with shared communal spaces and shared kitchen. It saved my rent by a huge margin and allowed my spend the savings on other activities. There were a ton of pro's, which allowed me to meet amazing people, exchange culture, food, support and company. Being an exchange student the system makes sure that you are roomed with similar people and with a good balance of diversity. The rooms are spacious with individual closet and study table access. Each hall's have their own unique nature and you can always find someone to spend time with in the lounge, gaming room or the study spaces (If you are lucky you get play music and be in the same hall as the coldplay band)


There are a few highlights to this experience:

  1. Meeting and attending lectures of field-revolutionising professors.
  2. Being able to visit places that were rich in history.
  3. Trying different foods and cuisines all over the world.
  4. Meeting a bunch of people and had a wonderful time with them exchanging and experiencing each others culture.

Advice/Top Tips

  1. Pre-plan your budget and accommodation
  2. Try to gain as much as exposure as possible
  3. Try making new friends
  4. Also pay equal attention to your studies