Lonni - Copenhagen Business School

B Information Technology / B Business Management
Semester 1, 2023


I've always wanted to go on exchange! The idea of moving overseas, meeting new people and experiencing a different culture, really excited me. I'm so grateful that I was able to participate in the exchange program and call Copenhagen home for a few months!

Personal Development

It's safe to say that going on exchange was one of the best experiences of my life. Exchange really forces you to leave your comfort zone and is a completely unique experience, that has changed me as a person for the better. During my time overseas, I developed both academically and personally in many ways. I was fortunate enough to make amazing friendships, which I am confident will last long after we've all left Copenhagen - which I believe is the most special and impactful part of exchange. The ability to create connections with people from all over the world, and share the exchange experience together is priceless. I also loved experiencing Danish culture - having only ever lived in Australia it was daunting yet exciting to immerse myself in the culture of a non-English speaking country all the way across the world.

Academic Development

Studying at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) proved to be very different compared to studying at UQ. It was great to experience life at a different university, and I particularly enjoyed the courses and their focus on sustainability in business. After a few weeks, I found that I was able to create a good balance between university life and exploring Copenhagen, as well as Europe as a whole.

Professional Development

During my time in Copenhagen at CBS I was exposed to many new people in a social sense, but also in a more formal university setting. Having the experience of communicating on a more professional, academic level with an international group of people in another country, has helped me develop confidence and competence in a range of areas. CBS had many partnerships with multinational organisations, and being exposed to this made me realise that I'd like to live and work overseas one day. I know that my time on exchange at CBS has helped me prepare for working both in Australia and internationally, and has inspired me to live and work abroad one day.


Copenhagen is an expensive city, and there are so many attractions, amazing food spots and sights to see. In total, all my expenses amount to around 25k which included rent and quite a few trips within Europe, both during and after the semester. Rent is particularly expensive in Copenhagen, so I would definitely recommend budgeting for this right at the start. One expense that I found to be far greater than I expected was public transport. The metro system in Copenhagen is great however adds up very quickly. I would definitely recommend buying or renting a bike as it will help you save on transport costs, and is a really fun way to get around the city!


I received the UQ travel grant and the OS help loan. I was very grateful that I was able to receive this funding and used it to cover the cost of my rent. This was great as it allowed me to allocate the rest of my budget to living expenses and travel.


Every university is different however at CBS there was a range of student accommodation options, that were specifically for exchange students. The process requires you to list your preferences for housing as well as the type of room you would like. Despite preferencing a single room I ended up with a shared room, which I was initially hesitant about, however, my roommate and I got on so well and she ended up being one of my best friends on exchange. Housing in Copenhagen is difficult to find in general and there are limited spaces, even for exchange students, so my recommendation would be to not stress too much about where you are allocated. Even if you don't receive your first preference, make the most of the situation - it will probably turn out better than you expect!


It's hard to narrow down my whole exchange experience to one highlight, however, one of the best parts of exchange was making memories with new friends. Copenhagen is such an awesome city to live in and I loved exploring the city with my fellow exchange students, riding our bikes together, swimming and boating in the canals and exploring galleries, restaurants and cafes.

Advice/Top Tips

My main advice would be to put yourself out there and say yes to new experiences. Exchange flies by so quickly so seizing every opportunity you can will allow you to form solid connections and make lasting memories. I'd also recommend making the most of being in Europe, and exploring a range of different countries while you're there! Exchange is such a unique and wonderful experience so enjoy it and make the most of every minute!