Nuofan - The Chinese University of Hong Kong

B Commerce
Semester 2, 2022


To gain different views of the world, not only limited in knowledge.

Personal development

I am able to do some simple daily communication by Cantonese as well as to single some Cantonese songs. Besides, I get used to planning, almost for everything, as life in Hong Kong is always in a fast pace. I received too much friendship with local Hong Kong people, and they brought me to visit many local places. My impression about Hong Kong is changed a lot. Before I did my exchange at CUHK, I only connect Hong Kong with finance and numerous skyscrapers. Now I know it with different aspects.

Academic development

During the semester at CUHK, I studied Managing Human Capital, Operations Management and Human Capital Analytics, because these courses are absolutely helpful for me to understand the detailed considerations of recruiting process from the side of HRs like expected qualities from candidates theoretically. As a final year student, seeking a job would be the first priority after graduation, which is the main motivation for course selection.

From the side of lecturing, it is impressive that a lot of practical examples are give for a better understanding as well as case study assignments. The courses are designed to develop the ability of independent learning and collaboration with peer classmates. In fact, the students at CUHK are really hard-working, which stimulates me a lot. For example, I start to make plans ahead, which I never did before, so that a better balance between work and life could be ensured. It would not take me too much time to adjust my academic habits, as CUHK employees the same Blackboard system, lectures by professional English and performs with modernized facilities, which is pretty convenient.

Professional development

Along with my exchange life, I made a lot of friend from local Hong Kong, Mainland China and European countries. A strong conflict of different cultures occurs with the stay and communication with them together, which is really amazing. Besides, they helped me in study, led me to adapting the local life and explained why Hong Kong was today by introducing its history and special stories from their grandparents and parents.

Another thing I have to mention is that Hong Kong is filled by delicious food around the world and you will definitely find any food you can name, like western food, Japanese Sushi, Korean BBQ, Thai food and Vietnam Pho. By the way, you can also find Coles or Woolworths food at grocery shops in Hong Kong, if you greatly miss the Aussie taste. Hong Kong is a place of fun almost for everyone. Except for those fun brought by modern technologies like different museums or concerts, Hong Kong preserves many natural scenes, which satisfies those who loves outdoor activities like hiking, climbing or drifting.


I would recommend to a general budget of 10,000AUD for a single semester-based exchange at Hong Kong:

  • Accommodation: 1800AUD per month (outside campus)
  • Food: 10AUD per meal at student canteen
  • Local transportation: 1 to 3AUD per ride
  • Other cost: depends on personal living style


BEL Faculty Overseas Study Assistance Scholarship


As well known, living cost in Hong Kong is especially expensive. For example, a room with an independent bathroom of around 15 square meters will cost at least 2000AUD per month. However, living on campus with a shared space could lower the cost up to 2/3. Personally, I lived outside campus as I preferred staying in a private space. Thanks to the convenient local transportation, it didn’t take me too much commuting time.


Endless delicious food.
Colourful life filled by indoor entertainment and outdoor activities.

Advice/Top tips

Show respects to different cultures, despite some differences you never experienced before.
Arrange your timetable reasonably as too much fun is waiting for you to enjoy in Hong Kong.
Learn some Cantonese, which is too much important.