Jakob - Prague University of Economics and Business

B Business Management / Information Technology
Semester 2, 2022


One of my main motivations for participating in this exchange program was to be given the opportunity to travel around Europe, meet new people from across the world, and to also study something that I was interested in but in a completely different way to how it is taught at UQ.

Personal development

I gained many new friends from this experience and participated in many student activities which forced me out of my comfort zone, but ultimately gave me the opportunity to expand my world view and to discover more about cultures which aren’t commonly represented in Australia. Furthermore, I also became a lot more independent and comfortable making my own decisions, and this allowed me to travel around to many European countries.

Academic development

While the courses I studied were generally easier than those at UQ, the work was primarily group-based and varied greatly in content. It was originally difficult working in groups due to language and culture differences, but after working together for a few weeks things often sorted themselves out. In one of my groups, everyone but myself spoke and worked in German, so often I found myself asking for them to talk in English, however after the first couple of weeks we worked extremely well together.

Professional development

The main attribute I have developed while overseas was gaining the ability to talk and communicate with people from other backgrounds and cultures. I came to realise that many of the terms and slang used in Australia are not understood by other cultures, so I was constantly challenged to find ways to communicate my ideas in ways that they would understand.


My main tips would be to keep rent and other money separate, research busses and trains when travelling as these are often more convenient and cost-effective means of travel for short to medium-distance trips, and to look into European budget airline deals and book early. Also, living near a supermarket is extremely convenient and allowed me to rely less on eating out.


The funding I received went mainly to my rent costs, and costs of public transport and food. It was also used for student trips with friends and other students of the university I was studying at.


I rented a private apartment in the centre of the city, and although this was a more expensive option, I would definitely recommend it. My apartment was located close to public transport, shops and the centre of the city. Although I was living outside of a dorm, socialising was easy as I was often meeting up with friends at bars and restaurants.


The biggest highlight of my trip was being able to travel around all the different European countries easily. In Australia, it is difficult and costly to travel anywhere, however, with a few hours on a bus or a train, I could be in a completely different city and country.

Advice/Top tips

Make the most of the O-week activities as you will meet many new and interesting international students. The activities are also a really good showcase of the local culture and allow you to get settle into the new culture easily.