Christian - University of British Columbia

B Psychological Science (Honours)
Semester 2, 2022


Just before Covid lockdowns, I was skiing in Canada. I only spent one night in Vancouver, but loved the atmosphere and the city's environment. I wanted to go somewhere very cold as I've only ever lived in Brisbane, and this suited me perfectly.

Personal development

Living on a residence, as well as being able to participate in my own sport at UBC, were essential in cultivating many long-lasting friendships. I am a lot more equipped to live by myself, relying only on myself to commute, survive and eat.

Academic development

The courses feel much more like ted talks; less interactive, more conversational tone. UQ would conversely have very information-heavy lectures followed by completely interactive tutorials.

Professional development

Working with people from different backgrounds was extremely commonplace, especially in the exchange student community. So many people have a vast number of ways they communicate, and approach projects and obstacles, as well as language and idiom barriers. working around/through these differences allowed both parties to become more globally-minded.


I managed to buy flights on a tremendous sale. My recommendation would be to find cheap flights as this was probably the most expensive part of the exchange other than accommodation.


Funding was essential in paying for my place in residence. this allowed me to make so many connections that I never would have created if I had stayed in a house close to campus.


On-campus housing was offered to around half of all UBC students, with priority mostly given to first-year students and exchange students. I was offered an apartment sector with six people, which I accepted. One shared kitchen and toilet was a strain, but having five other exchange students (by chance) was an unparalleled experience that I will cherish for years and years.


Being able to Race in Boston with the UBC rowing team and winning!

Advice/Top tips

Do everything you can to live on campus, the college life experience is great. Do as many things as possible, join as many groups/clubs as you can and talk to EVERYONE. Most of them will not be worth it, but casting your net as wide as you can results in the most opportunities caught. I am not advocating for extroverts, but the more things you do, the more you will love them. Do everything!