Jessica - McGill University

B Economics/Commerce
Semester 2, 2022


An exchange has always been something I was very interested in and I was beyond grateful for the reopening of International experiences following the last few years that were impacted by Covid-19.

Personal development

I gained so many invaluable experiences from this trip. Firstly, I met both people from Canada, as well as many others from all over the world. I have kept many of these as friends who I believe I will have for the rest of my life.

I was particularly drawn to Montréal since it lies within the French speaking province of Québec. This made for a very interesting experience due to the added opportunity to learn a language! I knew very little about this region before arriving and I now know what a unique place it is. This also posed multiple challenges with language and cultural barriers, which I am very grateful for. I have left this exchange with a lot more independence, problem solving skills, and an appreciation for different areas of the world - as well as knowing how to survive a Canadian winter!

Academic development

I found many differences, as well as many similarities, between UQ and McGill University. Firstly, classes were structured very differently, as well as assessment pieces. I found that all my classes only consisted of lectures, whereas, I would have may more tutorials at UQ. I particularly enjoyed learning about similar concepts as I would here, but instead investigating them through a Canadian context.

The differences were certainly not insurmountable, and I found a very similar culture in the university as at UQ. I was able to ask for help when needed and was greeted very warmly as well!

Professional development

First and foremost - a great deal of adaptability. This exchange has taught me to adapt very quickly to a new place and call it my new home. I think this is a great skill in the workforce and will always come in handy! I also have an appreciation for tertiary education at one Canada's best universities which will most certainly contribute to my professional development!


As someone who has lived in UQ's on-campus housing, I found the McGill student housing to be very similar in structure and cost breakdown. McGill provided me with multiple housing options from which I could choose to best suit my likes. Transport was very easy with the extensive Montréal metro service, so only a one-off cost was incurred for the duration of my public transport use. McGill also offers a tax-free food service both on campus and at the residential halls. This was also a one-off fee at the beginning of the semester and helped me to budget as the prices were cheaper and I was able to plan how I would use the meal plan I was given!

Another handy thing I learned was that McGill has an agreement with local car rental companies for discounted student prices! This allowed for many affordable weekend trips around Québec and the U.S.


The funding I received was incredibly helpful. I personally used it towards my McGill meal plan fee and this covered my food expenses for the duration of my exchange! Very grateful!


As mentioned above, McGill gave me a range of different options within their residential housing to suit my needs! I picked one that was off campus and consisted of flats for either 2,3 or 4 students to share. I found this option nice as my group as I met a lot of great friends and was able to see other parts of Montréal (apart from the campus) a bit more easily! However, there were many other options on campus with slightly different living arrangements that would be equally as good for other people's preferences! I advise having a look at the options on line and letting McGill know in advance which one you like most and they will most certainly try and allocate it to you!


My main highlights of my experience were firstly experiencing the rich culture of Montréal and well as all the nooks and crannies of the city. Secondly, I loved going to university through the changing seasons. The campus changed so much during only one semester and I have never seen anything like it!

Advice/Top tips

My top tip is to attack your experience with a well thought-out plan in mind! This makes almost everything a lot more smooth sailing!