Imogen - U21 Global Citizen Alumni

Universitas 21 Global Citizens Programme

My experience:

In early 2021, I was fortunate to receive a place in the U21 Global Citizens program. The program connects university students from twenty-one partnered universities across the globe, in which students explore and discuss ways of addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I focussed predominantly on the goal of developing education, as I truly believe education is the foundation of civilisation as we have come to understand it. Over a month, I had the chance to hear from a range of perspectives about how to approach these goals and to share my passions with others. The program culminated in an individual presentation about our individually selected goal, whereby we had the chance to receive feedback from fellow participants. Especially in light of Covid-19, it was special to feel connected with such a range of people; despite distinctions in socio-political backgrounds and values, we were united through our endeavour to learn.

Not only has the course helped me to develop critical thinking, creative problem solving, and collaboration skills, but by extension allowed me to broaden my employment opportunities. The ability to work well both individually and within a team was a skill I developed throughout the course of the program, and which I will take with me as I transition into the workplace. Ultimately, the experience was one I would recommend to all UQ students with an interest in change-making, sustainability, and leadership. I am very grateful for this chance and for the connections I have been able to make along the way.


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Applications for the 2021 October programme, will close on 24 September 2021, 5 pm (GMT).