Patrick - Prague University of Economics and Business

B Business Management/Commerce
Semester 2, 2019
"You go to Prague, you become Žižkov man/woman!"

Academic experience

I completed 7 subjects during my semester. These were: 

  • World economy for exchange students
  • Bond theory
  • Elementary Czech
  • Currency trading
  • Behavioural finance
  • International financial management 
  • Human resources 

Despite doing 7 subjects, the workload was actually extremely manageable and for the most part, the professors are helpful and will assist you with the content and/or the sign on process at the start of the semester. I still got to travel many weekends as a lot of my classes did not have attendance recorded. The enrolment process is much different from the UQ system, so be mindful of this and try to prepare everything well in advance. I had to change a few subjects around due to ECTS requirements but after that the experience was great. Most students are not English native speakers and the difficulty of assignments/group work is adjusted to take this into account. You will, therefore, most likely find the content much easier than what you are used to.

Personal experience

As cliché as it is, the best thing about the experience was the lasting friendships made from the exchange. You will meet so many people, especially if you stay in the dorm, so make sure you do this! I had the opportunity to travel before, during and after the exchange and managed to get to 12 new countries. Some standouts include Octoberfest in Munich, Techno rave in Berlin, Italy, France, Bratislava and Cyprus. I learnt enough Czech to do basic things like going to the supermarket, order food/drinks, get a haircut etc. The locals appreciate it I found so I’d recommend learning the basics.


I lived in Jarov F and I could not recommend it enough. This is where I met 99% of my friends during my time in Prague. The facilities are basic and you will share a room with someone if you pay the cheapest option. I personally didn’t mind this too much, however, it depends if you’re lucky and get a roommate that you enjoy. If you are social and like to party and meet people I would definitely recommend staying in the dorms.


The rent for the shared single room was probably around $2500 for the semester. Buying food from the supermarket is around 2/3 of the price of stuff back home. Beers are 70c at the store and around $3 at the club but can vary. The public transport ticket will cost around $30 for 3 months and will give access to unlimited trams, buses and metro. You could live pretty cheaply and get by with around $300 a week including going out. Travelling will be your biggest expense so be prepared to take a lot more if you plan to travel. I went for 7 months and spent around 23k but you could do it for half if you travelled less.


The biggest challenge would be the visa process. Learn from my mistake and don’t take advice from the Czech embassy in Sydney. They gave me and my friend the wrong information and we nearly had to leave the exchange early because we didn’t have a visa. You need to apply for a visa, not a residency permit. Start your application early and get it all done before you get to the Czech Republic.

Professional Development

I definitely strengthened my own interpersonal skills and social skills during my time. There will be many times where you feel out of your comfort zone, for example where you’re in an unfamiliar environment, or you’re in a place where people only speak Czech. It definitely just adds to the experience and looking back its part of what makes the experience so interesting and fun.


The highlight was definitely the people I met on my trip. I now have friends all over the world which I plan to see again thanks to exchange. The places I went to were also unreal. Prague is a super fun city and you will never run out of things to do. The cost of living compared to Brisbane is very doable and you will be able to travel and do so much more with your savings.

Top tips

If you are even considering going to Prague for exchange, DO IT. The first day I got to Prague I felt like I had come to the wrong place and I was unfamiliar with everything. But I changed my mind literally the next day when I started meeting people in the dorm. 
Tips: get your visa/sign ons sorted ASAP.
There is a shop across from the dorm called Daily Fresh that sells the best 70c Czech beers and other basic food. 
The best places to drink are vzorkovna, U sudu and Letna Beer Gardens. Best places to party are U Bukanyra, chapeau rouge and Epic.