Gabi - University of Leeds

B Commerce and Mathematics
Semester 1, 2019
Being open to new ideas in my time away has rewarded me with the best 6 months of my life that I will always remember.

Academic experience

I studied FOOD1131, LUBS2570, MATH2540, MATH3396 and MATH3723. Leeds had a similar academic system to UQ however I could appreciate different teaching methods from professors especially in the maths lectures. Initially, I was challenged by the foreign mathematical material (different notation etc.) in my statistical subject particularly, however I was fortunate enough to make a friend in the class to help me catch up. The enrolment/ registration process at Leeds is fairly simple as the website provides information regarding:
-    How to register
-    What you will need to register 
-    How to get in touch with your school 
-    How to complete your identity check and get a student ID card 
-    Qualifications checks – where to take your documents

Personal experience

I have built a number of friendships from exchange with a lot of my new friends being international students which is exciting. In the months leading up to exchange, I was motivated to save, and this allowed by to travel to roughly 14 countries other than the UK during the university semester. Ultimately, exchange has boosted my confidence and resilience though pushing me out of my comfort zone and attaining once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


I lived at Devonshire Hall which is a 15-minute walk away from the University campus. I really loved the layout of this accommodation as each ‘flat’ consisted of no more than 15 students which meant I was able to bond with my neighbours. My advice would be to choose an accommodation based on what you prioritise most whether that be proximity to the uni, social aspects of the accommodation or simple things such as food! The host university was exceptional at providing general assistance such as: 
-    Module rearrangements to suit you
-    Tutoring 
-    Private mentors to aid with academic studies


My accommodation was catered and cost about $300 per week. With respect to food and day-today expenses, Leeds is relatively cheap in comparison to other university towns across the UK. Since my accommodation provided breakfasts and dinners, I only had to pay for lunch and snacks which equated to roughly $70 a week. Leeds provided student discounts for buses ($2 per ride) and a variety of shops in the city centre. Travel accounted for the majority of my total costs as I aimed to do international weekend trips every 3 weeks as well as embarking on big mid-semester and end-of-semester vacations.


My biggest challenge on exchange was keeping up to date with module assessments as I was doing a considerable amount of travel. The best way to manage this is talk to other exchange students, who are in the exact same position, and motivate each other to stay organised.

Professional Development

Being away for 6 months and living in a foreign environment has taught me many things. I have grown, and my perspective has changed in ways I never would have imagined. I am independent and appreciate my family and friends more. Regarding academic skills, I have learnt new computer software as well as improve my prior knowledge of other coding platforms. As a result of exchange, I believe I have the attributes to make a positive impact both in and out of the workforce including:
-    an inclusive and collaborative attitude
-    an engaging outgoing personality
-    resilience with a willingness to embrace change and think differently
-    an ability to learn quickly
-    flexibility


The highlight of my experience was the Leeds Ski trip where I spent a week at Val Thorens in France. This momentous occasion is where I formed my closest friendships with regular English Leeds students. I have banked my favourite memories from that week which I am fortunate enough to share with a friend who lives in Brisbane with me.

Top tips

My motto on exchange was to say yes to everything to avoid having any regrets from missing out. I understand as a student that we don’t have an unlimited spending account however with smart planning, it is possible to achieve everything you wanted to do without going over your budget.