Kyel - EWB Cambodia Humanitarian Design Summit

B Engineering (Hons)/Business Management
December 2019

My experience

I was deeply interested in the humanitarian and travel aspects of the EWB Design summits.

How has the experience changed you?

Personally I feel I have a much better understanding of how people from other backgrounds may live, their quality of life, and I have a different perspective on the terms; developing/developed nations. Academically and professionally, I have a much better appreciation for human centred design and feel more capable of designing better solutions through under-rated engineering practises.

Favourite memory

Without a doubt, my favourite memory is from living in a village homestay, getting to know new people from the village and everyone in my team, and working towards a common goal that felt meaningful even if our ideas weren't picked up by the community.

Top tips

Prepare for a drastic change in your way of thinking, but make sure to take it slow at times and have fun with it. Don't pressure yourself into thinking you have to 'save' your community, that's not what the experience about. It's about teaching you how to think, and how to be an effective humanitarian/engineer anywhere.