Tsoi Fung - Waseda Short-Term Japanese Program

B Arts
December 2019

My experience

I'm a Japanese major at UQ. After doing 4 courses at UQ, I want to try to practice Japanese with locals and learn it with the environment.so I have decided to complete this short term experience.

How has the experience changed you?

This experience gave me a chance to made more friends that we all share the passion and interest in Japanese language and culture. The program made me feel more comfortable and confident to speak it out. During this experience, it allows me the learn how to do daily and more local ways to oral speaking skills, other than a textbook style of speaking. I have also learned more gramma and stance structure.

Favourite memory

One of my best memory is going up to the Roppongi Building to see the night view. Up there I am able to see Tokyo tower at a very close angle. It was one of the best views, I have ever seen.

Top tips

I have seen students who didn't follow the basic requirement of learning basic katakana and hiragana before joining the course have a very difficult time understanding and participate in the lesson. I would highly recommend students to do some research and some basic study for Japanese, or else they might suffer some very hard time in the first week.