Laine - Challenges Abroad Machu Picchu Challenge

B Occupational Therapy
December 2019

My experience

I initially decided to embark on this trip due to my peers enthusiasm but it wasn't until i further investigated that my keenness grew. I always wanted to travel and volunteering is always on my to-do list (I hardly have the time due to uni and work commitments) so it was hitting two birds with one stone.

How has the experience changed you?

I feel as if I am more motivated to go out and do stuff with my life after experiencing the limitations whilst volunteering in the small village. Being more understanding about all walks of life will always be beneficial in practice when attempting to build rapport with future clients.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory was finally finishing the massive Salkantay trek and reaching Machu Picchu. I was unwell numerous times on the trip so I had limited energy on top of an already limited fitness so I was genuinely concerned I wouldn't finish. It was a spectacular journey and I am so very proud of myself for completing it.

Top tips

Take more money than you think is necessary. We were ill-informed about the cost of living and what was covered in the cost of the program so there were a lot of expenses that we needed to fund ourselves (so many volunteers missed out on some great experiences).