Tianjie - NTU Short-Term Summer Program

B Engineering
July 2019

My experience

I decided to take this short term exchange for many reasons. Most importantly, I wanted to get credits from it and develop my employability. Besides, I really wanted to travel at the same time to relax from a full semester workload. 
Nanyang Technological University ranks top 10 in the world and its course Cyber Security offered in July is what I was really interested in. And the airline tickets from Singapore to anywhere in Asia is super cheap, so I can jump on board every weekend to travel.

How has the experience changed you?

Actually, I didn't expect to learn as much knowledge as I did in the home university in just only one month. However, the course itself in Nanyang is super interesting and it really arouses my interests. Instead of only teaching theory, the professor explains the reasons and applications of the theory first. During the class, you can discuss the course contents or anything with the professor. I really enjoy this learning style, which keeps me motivated to learn the new thing.

In NTU, they require every exchange students to live in the hall with another student which is quite new and challenging experience for me since you have to live with a person you don't know for a month. I was kind of worrying about it at first, but then I really enjoy this lifestyle in the dorm. I still remember going to Singapore alone and ending up with lots of friends. Since every exchanging student lives in the hall, you have more chances to interact with them. And through it, I know how to get along with people better than before.

I always think about working overseas in the future. After one month of studying and traveling with so many people from different background in such a multicultural country, I have confirm on working oversea.

Favourite memory

During the class, you can discuss anything with your professor including travel plan, careers advice, course content or even dating advice.

Top tips

Attend as much as activities organized by NTU, they are all great opportunities to mingle with people and make friends.