Xin - Korea University International Summer School

B Communication
July 2019

My experience

I have taken part in last vacation's Korea University Winter campus. Through that period of time, I had a great time in Korea with my friends. We learnt lots of knowledge about Korean media and experienced all kinds of cultural activities. It was pretty fine and memorible therefore I chose to go there again.

How has the experience changed you?

Personally, this experience has again reminded me the importance of adapting to different cultures. Academically, I gained a deep understanding in Korean media and visual culture and got a chance to review the mise en scene knowledge I have learnt in my first year in UQ. Professionally, this experience built up my interests in movie production and gave me more options in the choice of job.

Favourite memory

My favorite memory was my trip to Busan with my friend. In Busan, not everyone can speak English. Therefore it gave me a chance to test the Korean learning I did in UQ. By using Korean, we got the chance to chat to the local people and got lots of help from them. The fisherman in Busan even taught us how to do fishing. We had a great time together.

Top tips

For future participants, the tips I can gave you is to be relax and at the same time prepared. Don't have to be afraid of experiencing new things in life. It is a treasury chance to travel by yourself in a foreign country. Just relax and try things without stereotypes. Also, make sure you learn some basic local language before you come. This will give you convenience and make your trip more interesting.