Sher Yi - SWUFE Global Academy

B Business Management
July 2019

My experience

It took me nearly a year to think if I wanted to do a short-term experience.As I am majoring in international business, I am always curious about how different cultures affects communication style and lifestyle. I found it so fun to experience China culture with western friends, because they would always share how it is different from their home countries and which would they prefer more. Besides, my friends from Korea and Belgium also taught me some of their languages which made me feel like learning more different languages and improve myself.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory in Cheng Du was enjoying traditional Cheng Du eats on the snack streets near my host university. There were so many options like Long Chao Shou, Fried Sticky-Rice Balls, Dumplings and Dan Dan Mian (pork mince noodle). The food portion was huge and the price was affordable. At the beginning, my friends from western countries did not dare to try those street foods because they said they have never seen foods to be sold on the street on a sunny day. They usually have their meals in a proper restaurant. (See, culture difference :P). But once they tried it, they love it too!

Top tips

Start looking for the suitable short-term experiences earlier. Considering the experiences based on which countries/ areas you would like to go, what kind of experiences you would like to try, do you want to do for credit or not-for-credit  and what is your budget. If it is possible, join ST global experience in Year 1, because you will definitely love it and looking forward to more and more ST global experience ;)