Yong Khee - NTU Short-Term Summer Program

B Business Management
July 2019

My experience

What's not to love about having the opportunity to travel around another country while gaining credit towards my degree?

How has the experience changed you?

The amazing experience has enhanced my social skills in terms of communication and self-confidence. Learning to adapt to a new environment has improved my critical thinking and problem solving skills too.

Favourite memory

My time in Singapore has been full of adventures and wonderful memories. One of the many things I love about the experience is meeting amazing friends from all around the globe. Everyone was so friendly and adventurous. I had so much fun exploring the beautiful island nation with my new friends. We hiked in the national parks, biked along the east coast, swam by the beach, watched firework, light shows, and window shopped at Marina Bay Sands, wandered around the beautiful city at night. Not to mention how much we have been eating since day 1, because Singaporean food is A BLESSING.

Top tips

Bring swimsuits, sunglasses and hat!! DO USE SUNSCREEN, and try as much local food as you can;D