Shylaja - CIS Australia July in Vancouver Island

B Commerce/Business Management
July 2019

My experience

To meet a bunch of new people from different cultural backgrounds, broaden my knowledge and skillset by gaining knowledge from world class professors in a different environment, and to travel abroad at the same time whilst gaining academic credit!

How has the experience changed you?

This experience has changed me in all three aspects. Working alongside people from different cultures in group activities was an eye opening experience. It gave me a profound appreciation for people where English is not their second language and allowed me to gain greater insights into their cultures. In terms of the academic content that was taught over the short term exchange, I believe the structure of the course was so valuable, especially through different teaching styles by all 7 professors. I found the content to be extremely rewarding and have gained more knowledge and have broadened my skillsets as a result. Through the group work at times there was a severe language barrier, however through patience and perseverance our group was able to prevail and clear up any misunderstandings, which is a great learning experience for future academic and professional experiences.

Favourite memory

All the excursions and outings that were organised by the host university (Uvic) as a part of the program. Our co-ordinators were so lovely and made us feel at home!

Top tips

Go into the experience with a positive attitude, an open mind and  the desire for adventure. You'll walk away with so many new friends! Make the most of the experience because the month is over before you know it!