Junyue - CBS International Summer University Programme

M Business
August 2019

My experience

First of all, taking part in short-term experience allows me to get two UQ credits in other schools and other countries. Second, I think this is a good opportunity to open up my horizons. I can take advantage of the short-term experience program to experience the education system of other countries, learn about the culture of other countries, meet friends from all over the world, and travel to other countries.

How has the experience changed you?

I studied at the Copenhagen Business School and the courses were Marketing Logistics and Retail Supply Chains. This experience has made me more confident and more courageous in expressing my views. Moreover, I have gained a lot of knowledge about Supply Chains, and I can apply the theory flexibly to solve problems.

Favourite memory

My favorite memory from the experience is to immerse myself in European culture and scenery. I only took one course in the short-term experience, so I have a lot of time to participate in extracurricular activities. My classmates and I visited Andersen's hometown in Denmark, and we also went to Spain to visit the great architecture designed by Gaudi. During this period, I not only had a deep experience of European culture but also enhanced my friendship with my classmates.

Top tips

Because Denmark is located in northern Europe, even in summer, it will be a bit cold, so you can bring some thick clothes to prevent colds.