Benedict - LSE Summer School: Session Two

B Engineering/Economics

My experience

I decided to complete a short-term experience to take the load off of a semester where I was originally required to overload. My fifth course, ECON2060, was available for credit at LSE summer school and so I decided to apply. I had also heard about the quality of the teaching there from students who did the school last year, so I was always interested in the opportunity.

How has the experience changed you?

The course I took was engaging, thought-provoking, and highly motivating. This was due to the content, which was an alternative area of economics (behavioural economics) I hadn’t encountered before, and the quality of the lecturers and tutors teaching the course. Living in London was also an immersive experience, in terms of its culture and cosmopolitan, "world-city" status. The scope of career opportunities available in London was an exciting professional realisation as well.

Favourite memory

LSE organised a “Sunset on the Thames” river cruise on the first Friday of the course, which is probably my favourite memory from the trip. They hired a luxury barge for the whole evening, complete with bar and DJ, and even took the boat under the Tower Bridge (where it was raised as we passed underneath). With perfect summer weather and a long sunset due to the long days in that time of year, I snapped some amazing photos and had a great evening hanging out with other students from the course.

Top tips

I would recommend planning out in advance what you’d like to see and where you’d like to go, as the study weeks are very intense and there’s only a few weekends to explore London!