Eliza - Copenhagen Business School

B Advanced Finance & Economics
Semester 1, 2019

Academic experience

I study a Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics at UQ. I took 4 courses during my time at CBS, and I definitely recommend taking 2 courses each term. The courses are very interesting and not too difficult, however, none of the lectures are recorded so I would recommend going to class for the more difficult subjects. For all of my courses there were no assignments, compulsory tutes or mid semester exams. Instead, I just had 100% finals, that each went for 4 hours. This sounds stressful, however, if anything it just means that you are not time pressured and can take as much time as you need. All of the exams are also taken on a computer at the CBS examination labs, so make sure that you are familiar with how to use the electronic pen and use basic word functions beforehand. My class timetable also changed every week, so it is easy to organise trips away and explore the rest of Europe.

Personal experience

I had the most amazing time abroad, and would 100% recommend it to everyone. I was lucky enough to stay in student accommodation, with 80 other exchange students, so it was so social and friendly. I was also able to travel to 16 different countries, which all had very different things to offer. In all, because everyone is in the same position and no one knows anyone before you arrive, you will find that you make friends straight away and people are always down to chat!


I lived in student accommodation supplied by CBS, which was called Kathrine Kollegiet (KK). This was around a 15min walk away (5min bike away) from the main CBS campus. There were 80 other exchange students in the building as well. Housing is very competitive, and places are filled within minutes of the link being released, so make sure you are ready to choose straight away! All the housing places done by CBS are great choices, however, my main choices would be Kathrine, Holgar, or PH.


I got the HELP loan and also a UQ scholarship, so they were very helpful when funding my exchange. Copenhagen is very expensive if you are eating out all the time, however, groceries are cheap and affordable. I did picnics all the time and always tried to cook at home. Coffee is very overpriced as well (its around $10), so get ready for instant coffee! CBS also does buffet lunches every day, which are so yummy and affordable - if you wait until 2pm you can get them for only $3, which is amazing!


My biggest challenge was finding my friends. I arrived 2 weeks later than everyone else, so most people already knew each other when I got there. However, within the first few days I had already met most people, and it was so easy after then! Make sure you are always down to chat and hang out, because  my friends were the highlight of my exchange.

Professional Development

I am definitely a more confident traveler. It is so easy to navigate my way around a city or foreign place, as I was doing it every week on exchange.


My highlight was the food! Copenhagen has amazing cheeses, pastries, bread and chocolate. Get ready to eat your way through Europe as well, as there are so many amazing options!

Top tips

Make sure you are on to the CBS accom early, so you don't miss out on housing! Also, get ready to spend a lot of money on public transport (it's pretty expensive)