Kwan Pok - Seoul National University

B Arts
Semester 1, 2019
These 4 months have changed my life about my goal and direction.

Academic experience

I studied Korean History, Literati Culture in East Asia, Two Koreas: Modern Korean History and Society and also KLP(Korean Language Program) which was my favorite course at SNU. What I enjoyed the most was experience and it was an opportunity for me to challenge myself in a new environment. However, the online enrollment system was not user-friendly especially for international students and it was very competitive to get enrolled in more courses. Luckily, I joined a student organization designed for exchange student called SNU Buddies and the Korean buddies helped that us a lot and solved all the difficulties about enrolling courses.

Personal experience

I think I did really gain a lot during the exchange program. I met many friends from around the world especially from Europe and the U.S. and of course Korea. We shared our own cultures and I enjoyed so much to spend time with them. Also, I have been to many places not only in Seoul but in different cities of Korea with my friends. My Korean language was improved a lot while communicating with my Korean friends and daily-life. Importantly, being in a new environment developed a lot in my interaction and communication skills.


I stayed in a student dormitory located on the campus. The representative of the host university taught us to apply for the dormitory and reminded us very fluently about the application period and due day as it was very competitive and the period was very short. Also, they assisted us to prepare the documents for the application. I will strongly recommend future students to apply for the on-campus dormitory and it is because you can not only enjoy the super low price and close distance but also meet many amazing roommates in your stay in Korea.


I would say the rent for on-campus accommodation was very cheap and it does not cost a lot as well as food and transport. However, since we always have many events from SNU buddies such as group lunch and dinner and MT(member training), you may spend a lot of entertainment. Also, the KTX and express bus are very convenient, so people would love to travel around the country and the costs a lot.


The biggest challenge I experience in Korea would be the enrollment system as it is quite complicated, however, I was lucky that I had numbers of super helpful Korean friends to help me figure out the system and solved all the difficulties.

Professional Development

Different writing skills especially writing an essay about history and communication skills were developed a lot during the exchange program and learned more about Korean history, language and culture.


I would say all my friends I met in Korea was the biggest highlight point and they in certain extend have changed my life.

Top tips

The top trips would be that do not even stop yourself by joining all the events especially SNU buddies and meeting new people. Also, do not be afraid to spk Korean to others.