Wenzhe - Korea University International Winter Campus

B International Tourism and Hospitality Management
January 2019

My experience

I always love to experience cultural diversity which is a motivation for me to take the international exchange program. Meanwhile, I was quite interested in the Korean Cinema course, because I have watched a lot of Korean films and love their styles of narration. Furthermore, I also took a Social Psychology course which was a field that I'm interested in but have not learned before.

How has the experience changed you?

The experience in Seoul gave me a deep insight into Korean culture and lifestyle. And I was touched by the Korean academic atmosphere, therefore, I will make more effort on my future study. Moreover, one of my courses in KU was Social Psychology which inspired my interest in this field.

Favourite memory

During the Korean Film class, we watched a documentary about the High school life of senior students who were preparing for the university entry examination.

Top tips

Be ready for the culture shock if you are from a western cultural background. And it is extremely cold in Seoul in winter! So, keep warm.