Sophia - EWB Nepal Humanitarian Design Summit

B Engineering (Honours)/Arts
March 2019

My experience

It was an opportunity to go overseas with people that I'd never met before and learn about a different culture and try and apply some of what I'd used in my two years studying engineering. I wanted to put myself in more situations where I'd have to develop relationships with people, work in teams and alter my approach to solving engineering problems.

How has the experience changed you?

I'm more confident about meeting new people, especially talking to industry representatives, because I know the type of work that I want to get into and think that I now have something valuable to offer potential employers. I've learnt so much from the trip especially in the way that I look to solve problems (through a human centred approach) and how to easily develop relationships with people.

Favourite memory

My favourite memory from the experience was dancing with my Grandma and little sister at one of the house parties we had while our group was staying in a village. Everyone was having such a good time listening to the Nepalese music and getting out-danced by all of our little sisters and brothers and even our mums and dads. Being able to dance and sing and laugh really strengthened the bond that we had with all of our families and the community in general.

Top tips

Make as much effort as you can to get to know your host family because by the end of the 5 days they really are like a second family.