Yuanxin - CIS Australia January in Barcelona

B International Hotel & Tourism Management
January 2019

My experience

I want to have some global experience and know other countries' teaching style. Also, Barcelona is a touristy city and I'm doing tourism management, so I thought I would benefit from this experience.

The course was very intensive, I needed to complete three presentation, two short essays and one long essay within three weeks. My academic ability has been greatly increased. In this program, I made some good friends from other universities in Australia and the US, we helped each other and developed a good relationship. I learned a lot cultural differences and became more outgoing and more open-minded.

Favourite memory

My favorite experience was the overnight trip to Girona, where Game of Throne  Season 5 was shot. It was a historical city with beautiful buildings, and we had some tasty Spanish traditional dishes and visited the Dali Museum.

Top tips

I would like to recommend them to take participate in all the activities by the institute, because they are all very meaningful and interesting. Also, it is a good idea to make plans to balance study and travel. Spanish food and alcohol are delicious and cheap, but it is important to control the amount. Some of my classmates drank too much and did not attend all the classes. Barcelona is a warm city in Europe, but it is much colder than cities in Australia. Definitely remember to bring a thick coat, as the temperature gets around 0-10 degree.