Shashindi - National University of Singapore

B Engineering
Semester 1, 2019
Exchange was an absolute blast and I would do it a second time in a heartbeat!

Academic experience

I took a total of three subjects which included Electronic Circuits (EE2027), Engineering Innovation and Modelling (ME2102) and Thermodynamics (ME2121) which were equivalent to ELEC2003, MECH2100 and ENGG1500, respectively. One significant challenge I faced was finding information on courses prior to applying and I found NUSMods to be the most helpful. 

As for the academic system itself, it is very similar to UQ with most mods being recorded and uploaded online although not all, as I did not have this option for EE2027. It is also typical to have 2 -3 hour lectures which could be challenging. Registering for tutorials and practicals are done through NUS’s version of blackboard which is called IVLE and students will be notified when need to do so.

But one significant difference to be aware of is that Sem 1 of UQ is Sem 2 at NUS. They also use a bell-curve system which means your grades depend on how the class did as a whole.

Personal experience

As an introvert this was a huge step out my comfort zone, but the experience was truly life changing. Most of my closest friends I met at Raffles Hall and apart from the fantastic time I had, I was intrigued to learn about their own cultures. Singapore itself is quite multi-cultural and the people are very friendly and helpful. ‘Singlish’ is the most commonly spoke language which is the Singaporean version of English with words like ‘lah’ and ‘meh’ typically used at the end of sentences. I was also introduced to Indonesian culture through friends during which I was able to play an instrument called the Gamelan in a traditional band. 

In terms of places to explore, there are some iconic destinations. One of my favourites was the Gardens by the Bay as it has magnificent flower displays and the cloud walk is a must do. Singapore has some beautiful beaches including East Coast Park and Sentosa that should be visited. I also attended several dance and cultural shows held at NAFA and I highly recommend if it is of interest.


NUS has three types of housing namely residences, halls and colleges. Residences only provide rooms while halls include an additional meal plan and typically have activities throughout the semester. Colleges are similar to halls but with upgraded facilities. 

I was at Raffles Hall and I cannot recommend it enough! The location was convenient as it was a minute away from the engineering building and central to all places including the health centre, sports complex and UTown which is the hub of NUS. What resonated with me the most was the extraordinary sense of community within the hall. All the exchangers got extremely close to each other and I made many local friends during the countless fun activities organized throughout the semester.

In terms of the application procedure, all instructions will be given by NUS along with the acceptance letter. But on campus housing isn’t guaranteed, so I recommend applying as early as possible.


As I stayed on campus, rent was a little over 2000 SGD which is cheaper when compared to off-campus accommodation, and it came with a meal plan. As for food, everything is really cheap, and a full meal can be bought for about 6 SGD maximum. In terms of transport, there is shuttle bus service that goes around campus but off campus travel can be done using either the MRT or bus service which both use a card that can be purchased at the MRT station. Overall, it is possible to manage with $4000 - $5000.


I experienced bad anxiety and vomiting as a result, close to the exam period which severely affected my mentality and physical well being. I eventually sought help and received medication.

Professional Development

The biggest skill I developed on exchange was adaptability which is a significant requirement in a workplace. I also feel that my confidence to face challenges has increased. Moreover, I was able to massively improve my interpersonal and time management skills.


Definitely my stay at Raffles hall because of the wonderful people I met from all over the world!

Top tips

•When travelling in the bus only use MRT card as they do not give change
•Be cautious of the food you eat as there are rare cases of food poisoning    
•Consider location and activities when choosing accommodation (Raffles Hall is the amazing! If I haven’t stressed that enough!)
•Time moves fast on exchange so make the most of every day!