Tao - Humboldt Winter University

B Commerce
December 2018

My experience

I was very interested in Germany, especially the history of Nazi Germany. And also, going to another country, which is German with the largest transportation system, makes me feel excited.This short-term program provided me with just the perfect opportunity.

How has the experience changed you?

Personally, as an international student, I was  always not confident enough to really talk with an english native speaker. Under this program, the small class size forced me to interact with them and speak english. I became much confident in speaking english and found out lots of improvements in my pronunciation. Academically, I arranged my time very compactly. Even though I felt a little bit exhausted, I was very excited and happy every day, which gives me a sense of how I should arrange my college time.

Favourite memory

My most favorite memory was how the class was oriented. How the short-term classes were is the same as UQ lectures. However, we went out every day to see how the neighborhood develop over times. (urban neighborhood development is one of my classes) And we went to lots of historical museums to learn german history. I like the way how the classes were formed to make students learn not only the theories but also practical information.

Top tips

The short-term program was only a month or so. Try your best to explore more, participate more, and learn more. It might be a little bit exhausting, but you will never regret your efforts.