Tao - Universidad de los Andes GO Chile & APEC

M Tourism, Hotel & Event Management
December 2018

My experience

I chose GO APEC program in Chile mainly for three reasons. First, this program is the only program that enable me to gain credit as a post-graduate student. I want to have more time for internships in my final semester. 

In addition, APEC courses attracted me very much. The program includes a wide range of topics about the current issues in APEC region. As a person living in the Asia-Pacific region or if you want to do business in APEC region, this program is highly useful.

Lastly, I always wanted to travel to Latin American and I believe this program gave the best opportunity to explore their culture, taste local food and make international friends. UAndes programs were usually held in January, which is also an excellent season to travel to Antarctica!

How has the experience changed you?

This experience has made many positive changes in my life. 

-Critical-thinking ability
It was my first time to discuss the role of my country in APEC region, and I could always get new ideas and be pushed by classmates who are from all the world. It was really an eye-opening experience that helps me to understand their culture and why they do things differently. 

-International friendship
I met many cool guys from US, Honduras, Peru, Chile and Australia. It's quite interesting to exchange our opinions and culture, and discuss the differences between our cultures. Our friendships will last forever. 

-Better understanding of my home country
Have you heard some thoughts about your home country from the perspective of the third party. What do they know about China? What are their opinions about China's rise? What do they think of the China-US trade war. This program has helped me get to know my country better.

Favourite memory

My favorite memory in this program must be the cultural presentation. All the international students had to do a 5-minutes presentation to introduce their home country, not just APEC program students. It's a great opportunity to meet students from all around the world. I realised the importantance of steping back and look at the experience from a whole picture, everyone had something to offer.

Top tips

The prevalence of English in Chile and Latin America is not very high. I would highly recommend to learn some basic spanish such as ordering, taking a taxi and greeting.

-Prepare in Advance
It is suggested to have a travel plan and make the most of every opportunity. If you want to travel around South America or Antarctica, you can check all the information in advance, such as visa, food, transport and places to visit. 

-Just do it
Many students hesitate to think maybe next time, but maybe not next time. People think of the cost but for me as an international student, it's actually cheaper!