Qi - Waseda Short-Term Japanese Program

B Business Management
December 2018

My experience

I would like to use my summer holiday wisely and continue learning. I want to discover new things outside my comfort zone and explore more interesting aspects of the world. I am so glad that UQ abroad provides this great opportunity which combines studying and travelling at the same time.

How has the experience changed you?

I have learned a new language and it built up my life skills as well. I have experienced a lot of local things and known more about Japanese culture and people. This journey has broadened my horizons, changed my way of thinking and opened a new world for me.

Favourite memory

I enjoyed the course a lot as it was very informative and interactive. We had individual assignments, group practice, presentation, tests and so on to learn Japanese through listening, speaking, reading and writing. The teachers were very dedicated and I made many new friends as well. It was such a valuable and cheerful study experience.

Top tips

The most important thing is planning. Plan you study, time, journey and budget ahead. And then you can totally enjoy the whole process and have a really pleasant and wonderful experience there.