About Online Career Development Modules 

Online Career Development modules provide a set of flexible resources that supplement the theme, basic concepts, and activities of the in-person workshops/events.  Online modules are short 2-3 webpage length, and are segmented based on topic themes. 

Design and tools 

The design is in BlackBoard Blank Pages, that can be integrated into any BlackBoard course or program.  Informational text and audio-visual components (videos, photos, and images) are integrated.  H5P interactive activity modules, short focused YouTube (and other) videos, as well as curated readings are also incorporated, and will be created using various technologies (I.e. Articulate, Padlet that can be integrated in various platforms, including BlackBoard). 

Topics, theming, and activities 

Modules focus on specific careers and employability topics in a themed manner; for example, cover letters and selection criteria, professional branding and networking.  Modules also contain specific activities (and potentially mini-assessments such as self-assessment and peer-assessment rubrics). Some modules and content can be modified and contextualised to disciplines upon request. Some modules can also be used as stand-alone mini-courses or development activities, and can be located with courses, programs, or other learning areas as required. 

What support is provided? 

The Career Development Design Team will provide technical, implementation and analysis support at all stages of the semester, and are also available to introduce the modules to students and provide demonstrations in early classes as required.