About Career Development Workshops 

Our team delivers interactive workshops on all available topics, which can be contextualised for your cohort of students (review the topics in the tab). All topics have been designed for a 50 minute delivery, so if you wish to run a longer workshop (e.g. 2 hours +), you can pick and choose the topics to create your desired session. For example, you might be interested in selecting the beginner and intermediate topic so that students can cover a Career Development area in depth, or you might be interested in selecting topics across different Career Development areas.  

What is included in a workshop request? 

  • Before the session – we will get in touch with you to discuss the course, cohort, and workshop logistics. We will also send the workshop slides for you to review, in case you would like to make any changes to activities or content. 

  • During the session – we will facilitate the workshop on your chosen topic/s and for reporting purposes we will collect student attendance and feedback. You are welcome to join the session in the capacity of your choosing such as co-facilitating, supporting, or participating in the session.  

  • After the session – we will send through any additional resources to yourself to pass on to the students and we will touch base about final logistics such as recording student attendance. 

Can I receive training to facilitate my own Career Development sessions to my students? 

Our team offers professional development for staff to develop their own capabilities and confidence in delivering career development workshops. We can provide you with the training, workshop slides, facilitation notes, resources, and activities so that you can facilitate your topics of interest. The development can look different depending on your own capacity. For example, you might wish to co-facilitate a session for your students with us, or you might wish to observe us facilitate a session for your students and we can unpack it together for you to facilitate in the future.  

If you are interested in running your own Career Development sessions, you can let us know in the request form so that we can talk about how to support your development journey.