The Summer and Winter Research Programs provide opportunites for students to engage in research-related activities alongside some of the University's leading academics and researchers.  
The Summer Research Program runs for 6 weeks in January and February and the Winter program runs for 4 weeks in June and July.  Tasks can include: ethics applications, data collection, survey design, literature reviews, data analysis using relevant software, report preparation, research presentation.

Through participation in either the Summer or Winter Research programs, students have demonstrated their ability to: 

  • Apply appropriate research methodologies to their project.
  • Independently assess information and evidence and critically evaluate a range of information sources.
  • Enhance content knowledge in the chosen research field.
  • Apply critical thinking and/or logical analysis to the research project.
  • Effectively communicate research concepts through written reports and/or presentation. 

Participation in the Summer and Winter Research Programs also contributes to the development of the following UQ Graduate Attributes: 

  • Accomplished Scholars
  • Courageous thinkers
  • Influential communicators