Music Technology Ensemble

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Music Technology Ensemble

UQ School of Music will perform two unique performances during BLOOM Festival - Touch Ensemble, which uses iPads and mobile devices for collaborative & creative music-making; and Non-linear Collective, which explores the intersections of acoustic instruments and digital technologies. Anyone is welcome to view the performances in the BLOOM Hub at Jacaranda Lane. More about the performances can be found below.

Touch Ensemble
Tuesday 22 October, 1pm-1:45pm, Jacaranda Lane, UQ Lakes

UQ School of Music’s Touch Ensemble uses iPads and other mobile digital devices as a starting point for collaborative creative music-making. It was established by Dr. Eve Klein as part of a groundbreaking research project in 2016, and is directed by Dr. Chris Perren. Much of the ensemble’s repertoire is composed, arranged, or devised by students, as they study the integration of digital technology in music-making.

At Bloom Festival, Touch Ensemble will treat audiences to a set of pieces inspired by Science Fiction and Space Exploration. The program includes arrangements of classic sci-fi themes, improvisatory performances, and new compositions.

Nonlinear Collective
Friday 25 October, 1pm-1:45pm, Jacaranda Lane, UQ Lakes

Nonlinear Collective is a newly established ensemble directed by Dr. Chris Perren and composed of students studying Music Technology for Live Performance. The ensemble explores the intersections of acoustic instruments and digital technologies.

At Bloom Festival, Nonlinear Collective presents a program of new compositions and arrangements which explore the possibilities of electronic music technologies alongside acoustic instruments and voices. Using a range of techniques including live looping and processing, live electronics, vocoders, MIDI control, and virtual instruments, the students will perform a diverse repertoire of their own devising, ranging from pop to classical to experimental.