Mitsui Educational Foundation Study Tour

Mitsui Educational Foundation (MEF) was established to build stronger ties and promote mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and Australia.

The Foundation invites UQ undergraduate students to apply to participate in a 21-day company-sponsored student visit to Japan. The visit will take place from 19 November to 10 December 2019.

The Australian students selected to participate will visit various regions of Japan, providing opportunities to learn about Japanese culture, society, business and industry, as well as meeting Japanese students from Keio University and spending the week-end with a homestay family.

One student from The University of Queensland will be selected to participate.

For more information, please see Mitsui Education Foundation.

All airfares, transport, accommodation, insurance and transfer costs will be met by MEF.


Candidates must be:

  • A current undergraduate student at The University of Queensland who has completed a minimum of 16 units towards their current program at the time of application
  • An Australian citizen
  • Holding a GPA of 4.5 or above
  • Able to clearly demonstrate a keen interest in learning broadly about Japan
  • Willing to act as an outstanding ambassador for The University and Australia

Please note: Proficiency in Japanese language is not required. Students with extensive experience living/studying in Japan are unlikely to be selected.

Application and selection process

  • 10 students will be interviewed internally
  • 4 students will be short-listed for the final interview, held by Mitsui
  • UQ internal application deadline: 10 May, 2019
  • Submit your completed application form to Jan McCreary from the Global Experiences Unit

Download application form

Key Dates

Application Deadlines

15 May 2019

Program Dates

Start: 19 November 2019
End: 10 December 2019

Need more information

Please contact Jan McCreary, Global Experiences Unit, Student Employability Centre via email or 3365 2852.