Are you keen to make the most out of your next opportunity? For volunteering, paid employment or any experience in between, in this interactive workshop you will learn about strategies to get the most out of your next experience. 

The Career Development Team will be delivering an interactive workshop to support and prepare you to get ready for professional experience. The workshop will provide you with the tools that you need to prepare before an experience. This includes:

  • Understand employer expectations. 
  • Utilise useful tools that you will be using during the experience such as experience bank and SEAL.
  • Develop your professional online profile 

Secure your seat for the workshop to maximise your experience! Visit our website and check out the range of experiences, activities, and careers information available now!

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About Recruitment support

Learn about the recruitment process and how to navigate it. Gain skills in job searching, writing applications and interviewing through practical hands-on workshops and events.


St Lucia Campus
06-216 Workshop Room B