Welcome to Recruitment Essentials Day, where you’ll gain exclusive access to an exciting toolkit to kick start your job application journey!

This action-packed, one-day program is designed to demystify the job recruitment process. We'll be diving deep into the essentials, covering every critical step: from navigating job opportunities to mastering selection criteria, crafting captivating cover letter and resumes and nailing those interviews!

You'll also get to hear from industry experts who are eager to share their experiences and top tips.

At Recruitment Essentials Day you'll:

  •  Learn strategies to enhance your job search
  •  Unlock the secrets to identifying and responding to tricky selection criteria
  •  Update and polish your existing resume
  •  Sharpen your interview skills, so you can confidently tackle questions that come your way
  •  Connect with career development experts, enrichment staff and bond with your peers to create valuable connections that could help shape your future!

-- On the Day --

  • To ensure the best experience for everyone please arrive at 8:30am for a 9:00am firm start. This will give you time to prepare and connect with fellow peers before the session starts. If you find yourself running behind schedule, please get in touch with us at careers@uq.edu.au
  • Remember to bring your laptop, laptop charger AND a current resume, either digital or printed.
  • Prepare for a full day of activities and connecting with others.
  • Pizza time! Lunch will be provided, please indicate any dietary requirements whilst registering via careers@uq.edu.au by 21 November. 

Any questions, please contact careers@uq.edu.au

About Recruitment support

Learn about the recruitment process and how to navigate it. Gain skills in job searching, writing applications and interviewing through practical hands-on workshops and events.


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