Connect with industry for top tips on Applications and have the chance to hear directly from members from Suncorp at the Fireside Chats!

Interested to hear about what employers are seeking in an application? Learn more about cover letters, resumes, and online applications directly from Industry. Whether you are early into your degree, or about to graduate, this session will give you the edge in how to write an outstanding application.

This session of the Fireside Chats Series will be with Kelly Pfeffer who is PC&A Advisor, Graduate Talent at Suncorp. 

Kelly Pfeffer is the Graduate Program Lead at Suncorp and has specialised in early careers talent programs for 15+ years in both private and public sector organisations. This includes working in industries such as Finance, Insurance, Technology, Engineering and Consulting with programs operating across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Kelly is a past Chair and Director of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers and remains passionate about working with students and graduates to support them through the early stages of their career.

What can I expect during this session?

  • Receive insights from industry and develop new strategies
  • Grow your connections by networking with industry and peers
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions that will benefit your career development.

This event is a part of the Fireside Chats Series! We have more career themes to share with you. For more information about the themes, click other themes from the list below!

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