Who are International Internships?

International Internships works with the University of Queensland to offer an exciting range of internships that will give you on-the-job experience in an international setting. You can:

  • Gain credit towards your university course
  • Receive financial support from the government of up to $3,250 (conditions apply)
  • Develop the intercultural working skills that employers seek
  • Make new friends and build networks

All internships are based in beautiful Indonesia, Australia’s neighbour and key strategic partner. They can be done in-country with full support from our team on the ground, or enjoy increased flexibility by completing your internships.

Information Session will include:

In this information session you will hear directly from International Internships on:

  • The value of completing a virtual internship opportunity, 
  • the types of internships on offer,
  • how they are run and what is required to participate,
  • the program cost and what support and development you will receive, and
  • what are the benefits to participating in a internship program.


This will be a live session, so if you have questions or wish to consider an Internship with International Internships, please register below and join us on Monday 28 August at 5pm.


A link to attend this session will be emailed to only those registered for this event.
Please ensure you register to participate.