Who are International Internships?

International Internships have been facilitating in-country and online internships for over 15 years, but we are always growing and changing as the environments in which we work grow and change. We work with individual students, as well as educational institutions, commercial organisations and NGOs, to facilitate internships, study intensives, immersion and unit-based programs, along with providing career mentoring, professional skills development, cross-cultural communication and language training.

What can I participate in?

Virtual Mobility programs by International Internships offer amazing opportunities to work remotely with an Indonesian organisation, providing experience that puts your skills into practice and can give you a solid edge in the employment market.

International Internships have a range of 6 weeks international internships from a number of fields including

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • International Studies
  • Law

Information Session will include:

In this information session you will hear directly from International Internships on:

  • The value of completing a virtual internship opportunity, 
  • the types of virtual internships offer,
  • how they are run and what is required to participate,
  • the program cost and what support and development you will receive, and
  • what are the benefits to participating in a virtual internship program.


This will be a live session, so if you have questions or wish to consider a virtual internship opportunity, please register below and join us on Wednesday 28 October at 11am.


A link to attend this session and password will be emailed to only those registered for this event, 30 minutes prior to the session start.
Please ensure you register before 10:30am on Wednesday 28 October to participate.