This event is for every STEM student who wants to lock in the right job before graduating. Do you want to know which industry is going to see growth and a lot more STEM jobs in the next 5 years and which is predicted to be slowing down?

To help you make the right choice for your career, attend this short talk where Paul Grainger, the Director of Learning and Development at Professionals Australia, talks about the forecast for industries hiring graduates from STEM. We will also talk about winning strategies that get a few graduates that elusive interview instead of a whole bunch of others.

Think about it, if all of you are going to apply with a CV and a cover letter to apply for a job that is advertised on a jobs portal, what is it that would make your application different from any other applicant? Come to this session to find the answers!

This session will cover the following:

  • Industry trends
  • How to operate in the "Hidden Job Market"
  • How to by pass robots with a winning CV
  • Q&A in interviews. What to ask and avoid asking
  • Contract reviews
  • Continual professional development

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About Industry Insights

The primary focus of the Employer Insight Series is to gain exclusive insight from industry about a variety of topics that will prepare students for the workforce. These online sessions will teach students on a wide range of employability topics including: understanding the graduate recruitment market, building an online presence and developing technical skills.