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My ePortfolio is an online collection detailing your personal, professional, and learning journey over time.

Build your my ePortfolio to track your development of professional skills and graduate attributes and discover ways to demonstrate your experience.

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  Reflect on learning and life experiences

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Making the most of ePortfolio

Reflect on your experiences

Compiling your experiences into my ePortfolio is an opportunity to reflect on the various activities completed during your studies. Consider the different ways certain experiences enhance your understanding and awareness of your industry.

Demonstrate your skills to employers

My ePortfolio is an experience bank of examples that can help with selection criteria or in interviews. Showcase your work in a professional way and communicate your strengths and capabilities to employers.

Keep track of your achievements

Your 'my ePortfolio' is a record of your successes and a way to track your professional progress. By acknowledging what you've created and making the experience visible, every lesson and opportunity becomes more valuable.

Learn how to use my ePortfolio

The library services have extensive resources to help you navigate your way through the my ePortfolio platform and get started on your own 'my ePortfolio'.