Career Development

At UQ we care about your employability and career development.

In these web pages you will find curated supports and services to enable you to develop your capabilities and confidence to navigate an ever-changing workforce.

Watch this video from Anna Richards, Senior Manager, Learning Partnerships, to find out more about why career development is important and what you can expect to find on this website.

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For students

You can start thinking about your career development at any stage of your program, however, it is best to start planning your career as early as possible! Career development isn’t just about your next step after graduation, it is about how you make the most of your university experience, developing your professional identity and getting you in the mindset.
Consider the opportunities that UQ provides through various services and programs to identify appropriate experiences for your development. Also consider how you will unpack your experiences using a range of tools that we provide through our tool kits.
There are many stages to the recruitment process. Learn about these stages, and also access a range of resources and supports, including through our Recruitment toolkit to help you along the way.
Learn about opportunities to connect with industry through our various industry programs and events. Also view a range of video resources that deal with hot topics in careers and industry development currently.
A range of educational workshops and sessions are facilitated which seek to answer your key career questions and develop your capabilities and confidence.
A curated selection of SEEK and GradConnection career advice resources that will help you with the many different aspects of preparing for your first career job. Resources range from readings, hints and tips, and careers and jobs data, including topics such as interview preparation, networking, and resume development.
My Career Adviser
Whether you are interested in accessing a flexible support resource to complement your careers and employability learning, or, would like to take a more structured program of learning, the My Career Adviser is for you. Join this self-paced program to access a range of online careers and employability resources.
DiversityHub showcases opportunities, industry sessions and events which are designed with purpose to contribute to enhancing inclusion in the workplace. To discover employability and development opportunities, visit the DiversityHub and join the Network.

For Industry, Staff and Alumni

Advertise your opportunities and connect with students
Embed career development within your courses and learn more about career development and employability theory.
Engage with career development as a professional.