My Career Adviser

My Career Adviser (MCA) is an online flexible career development and employability learning resource.

MCA provides a vast array of audio-visual materials (including video content), readings, web pages, modules, and mini-assessments, including Capstone Projects (self, reflective, and automated).

Once you are enrolled in MCA, you can locate the platform in Blackboard (learn.uq) under the 'Organisations' tab.

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What to expect?

Diverse Topics
Topics are diverse and include resumes and job applications, interviews, networking, professional identity, managing your online profile, and career action planning, amongst other areas.
Useful Resources
Resources are a curated selection of The University of Queensland’s, and other resources that are structured around the four stages of UQ Employability Framework – Awareness, Experience, Learning, and Transfer.
Engaging Activities
Activities offer diverse ways to learn across the program, providing opportunities for career planning, self-check on progress and assessment, engaging with peers in online discussion, and links to UQ events.

MCA is being offered to students as either:

  • An opt-in individual student request to a flexible guiding version of the site across their degree program;

  • A cohort experience (i.e. as part of a support service for a program);

  • A compulsory element of the Employability Award. The MCA will provide a structured pathway of learning resources and activities to access and work through, and also a structured assessment to complete. Employability Award students must submit all assessments to complete the MCA. 

My Career Adviser Blackboard Platform

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