Professional Identity and Career Planning

Beginner TopicsIntermediate TopicsAdvanced Topics

Understanding my professional self

Students unpack their professional strengths and interests and identify opportunities to explore. 

Understanding my professional values

Students unpack their professional values, and learn the impact and importance of alignment of these to the workplace. 

Identifying my career pathways

Students identify career pathways that align with their professional identity and values and set SMART career goals to keep on track.

Creating my unique value proposition

Students create their value proposition and practice delivering their elevator pitch.


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Professional Branding and Networking

Beginner TopicsIntermediate TopicsAdvanced Topics

Getting started with networking

Students learn the value of networking, how to network and identify platforms and forums used for networking.

Refining my online professional profile

Students learn the value of their online presence, and refine their online professional profile/s. 

Developing my strategies to have a conversation with industry

Students learn about and create their strategies to have conversations (face-to-face/online) with industry.  

Developing my strategic plan to connect with industry

Students learn about and develop a long-term strategic plan to network with industry and identify the language that their industry uses.  

Building long-lasting professional relationships * 

Students identify appropriate strategies for building long-lasting professional networks.

* Building long-lasting professional relationships is not currently available as a workshop or module. If you are interested in this topic please contact 

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Job Searching and Australian Recruitment Lifecycle

Beginner TopicsIntermediate Topics

Identifying my job searching strategies

Students learn about the different ways to search for opportunities, and identify some of the common methods to get started. 

Deconstructing a position description

Students learn to deconstruct a job by researching the role and identifying key words for applications. 

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Beginner TopicsIntermediate TopicsAdvanced Topics

Introduction to resumes

Students will learn the foundations of a professional resume.  

Tailoring your resume

Students will learn how to tailor their resume based on job description. 

Refining a resume when you have a lot of experience

This topic is only suitable for students who have a professional resume. Students will learn about creating a master copy of their resume and strategies for tailoring their resume when you have a lot of experience.  

Students will be requested to bring their resume to engage in a peer reviewing activity

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Cover Letters and Selection Criteria

Beginner TopicsIntermediate TopicsAdvanced Topics

Introduction to cover letters and criteria

Students will be given an introduction to cover letters, selection criteria and written STAR-E responses.

Developing your STAR-E bank

Students will learn to write STAR-E responses to individual selection criteria. .

Responding to multiple criteria in a short space

Students learn how to respond to selection criteria that list multiple capabilities using STAR-E responses. 

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Beginner TopicsIntermediate TopicsAdvanced Topics

Introduction to interviews

Students will be given an introduction to interviews and common interview questions.

Practicing your STAR-E responses

Students will learn to practice STAR-E responses for behavioural interview questions. 

Mock interviews

Students practice common interview questions, and have the opportunity to provide and receive feedback for ongoing development.  

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Preparing, Unpacking, and Articulating Experiences

Before Experience TopicsAfter Experience Topics

Crash course into employer expectations

Students will unpack employer/workplace expectations and learn about the concept of ambassadorship (e.g. representing UQ whilst on placement).

Developing your workplace toolkit

Students prepare for their experience through goal setting, and learning about strategies to get the most out of their experience (including SEAL). 

Unpacking your experience

Students will be provided the space to self-reflect on their experiences and unpack their key learnings through SEAL.

Articulating your experience to prospective employers

Students will be provided with strategies to articulate their experiences that can be used in future applications (including STAR-E).


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